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Mature content
Here There Be Dragons Ch. 2 :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 7 8
The rune on the necklace Jack got in HTBD :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 1 0
Unbroken: My Guardian Angel Oneshot
     Sara stared down at the base of the cliff, waves crashing against the rocks.A few stray beams of sunlight pierced the the thick clouds here and there.A few stray tears clung to her face.Her hands clutched at her chest, her heart aching.Why couldn't she be stronger, why must she be broken inside?She hated that she let her family's cruel words affect her the way she did.She would give anything to be unbroken, to be fixed.Only one person had ever been able to help when her when she felt this way. But she hadn't seen him in person in over a month.
   She clenched her eyes shut as the little voices born of depression spoke up.He doesn't care.No one does.You're a waste, a burden on all who know you.They would all be better of without you.HE would be better off without you.Why don't you just end it already?Right here, right now.At your special place.The fall is high enough that you be be dead the instant you hit the ground.No pain.Wouldn't it be worth it?To en
:iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 5 2
Young heroes of LA versions of me and Kyuubi
After reading this awesome story:…   by AllItalianRejects I decided to make a version of me and Kyuubi specifically for this AU.So here is our bios.
Name: Sara
Superhero name: The Black Vixen, Vixen for short
Gender: female
Powers: control and creation of all forms of water, plants, and this blue and purple fire she has nicknamed foxfire, animal shapeshifter she can only turn into canines, felines and strangely enough a dragon, her fox form doesn't look like a normal fox, she can also just partially shapeshift, superior sense of sight smell and sound, regeneration, can heal wounds with her water if needed, her fox form is a large black fox with green eyes purple tail tip, white paws, purple and blue on the tips of her ears and a tuft of purple fur on her forehead, this is her dragon form: 
:iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 1 0
Mature content
Here There Be Dragons: Dragon Jack CH.1 :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 11 6
My old dragon persona Sara :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 4 0 Dragon Jacksepticeye :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 7 3
A Cat's Gift: Cait Sidhe Jack CH. 2
     Jack woke up to the odd sensation of something warm and soft curled around him.Whatever it was twitched and he felt something at the base of his spine move.His eyes snapped open and he saw a long, black tail curving from the base of his spine up to his chest, tucked up against him.Sam was looking at him expectantly.He was about to let out a yell when Sam's paw was shoved into his mouth, silencing him."Be quiet!Lest you wake your friend up,"Sam hissed.Jack blinked in surprise, did Sam just talk?!Sam smirked at his expression."Now I'm sure you're wondering what's going on.Allow me to explain.I am what your people call a Cait Sidhe, or Cat Fae in english.That tail you have there, and those ears when you finally notice them,"Jack reached up and found cat ears on his head when Sam mentioned that,"Are part of a gift I have given you.You could have left me to suffer when you found me in that trap yesterday, but you didn't.So to show my gratitude I have given you the highes
:iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 3 2
Jacksepticeye as a Danny Phantom character :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 6 4
My Little Pony oc's
Name:Midnight Moon
Pony type:alicorn
family: father is King Sombra and Nightmare Moon is her mother
allies: equestria
personality: smart, kind, a bit of a tomboy, loves animals, feisty, can have a temper , fun loving, pretty much like me
history: her history and her talent: We've all heard of the legend.The Pony of Shadows who haunts the old castle in the Everfree forest.Well what if i told you that she was real?And was actually far more then a mere shadow of the dreaded Nightmare Moon.The Pony of Shadows is actually Nightmare Moons daughter.You see the confrontation that caused Nightmare Moon to be sealed into the moon was not the first time she arose.Before the battle with King Sombra Nightmare Moon took hold of Princess Luna.Nightmare Moon harbored a secret love for Sombra.On the night before his defeat they got together and confessed their love.Once he was defeated Nightmare Moon withdrew back into Lun
:iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 0 0
Sara's tail inverted :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 1 0 Mark's Alternate tail inverted :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 1 0 Sara's tail (( not Canon to A Fishy Dilemma )) :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 2 4
Substale: Art Trade with FictiveFeline
     Two years ago the evil Wall Street Journal rose to power.Seeking illegitimate game they declared war on PewDiePie and all off YouTube.The battle on social media were brutal and some loyal fans were lost.But in the end YouTube had won.Everyone celebrated, basking in the glow of their hard fought victory.But alas, their celebrations were short lived.For the evil WSJ had one last trick up it's sleeve.Within their ranks were several powerful sorcerers.The sorcerers combined their powers and banished all of the most popular YouTubers to a vast cavern deep underground, with the only way out blocked by a magical barrier.The only thing that could destroy the barrier was seven souls from YouTube trolls and haters, or if times are truly desperate, the souls of their own subscribers.And, to keep YouTube from rebuilding it's strength, whenever a YouTuber reaches ten million subscribers they are banished as well.Now we begin our story following the arrival of the Underground's n
:iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 3 3
Mark's tail for A Fishy Dilemma! :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 3 1 Mark's tail inverted :iconnarutofoxlover:Narutofoxlover 1 3


Home Alone :iconmaskman626:maskman626 216 28
Mature content
See Me - Danti/Septiplier One-shot :iconsilvererros:silvererros 4 9
Googleplier (sketch) :iconbunnystygian:BunnyStygian 10 0 UT: Next-Gen|Asriel Dreemurr - God of HyperDeath| :iconshadow-turtle-234:Shadow-Turtle-234 14 1 Septiplier chibi :3 :iconevinarain:EvinaRain 4 4 OC: Luighseach the Divine flame :iconlightappend:LightAppend 13 3 Ask! Internet High Five~ :iconpower5pro:power5pro 11 1 Ask! Anti?!~ :iconpower5pro:power5pro 13 0 BENDY JACK gif :iconelenmrakipiler:ELENmrakipiler 72 1 Ask!:GooglChica?!~ :iconpower5pro:power5pro 14 1 Quick Sam Doodles~ :iconpower5pro:power5pro 19 1 Ask! Thank you...? :iconpower5pro:power5pro 20 1 Headcanon Reaper ['Peace, Death!'] :iconchesterpalm:ChesterPalm 21 4 Reaper Jack :iconchesterpalm:ChesterPalm 61 8 Pouty Pewds :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 131 18 Many Faces Of The Markimoo :iconnigthmarewolf:NigthmareWolf 74 17


Ask! Stuff has become really popular lately and I want to join in!But I lack the skills for facial expressions and posing, not to mention I don't have much sketch paper left.If I were to make a journal where you can ask my characters stuff and I replied as them in the comments would you guys like that?
Dang it!Forgot to say in Kyuubi and The Black Vixen's bios the Vixen has a blue eye mask with a ring of purple around each eye hole and Kyuubi has a purple eye mask with a ring of blue around each eye hole!Will be adding that momentarily!God it would be cool to see them meeting SepticSpark and Warfstache.Will definitely see about writing the oneshot for that tomorrow.

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     The girl jumped at the sound of his voice.She turned and groaned in annoyance when she saw him, facepalming."Shit! I'm too late!Chase I'm gonna fucking kill you,"She said, muttering the last part under her breath.~Okaaay, was not expecting that reaction,~Jack thought."As for your question, I came to get that necklace and the box it came with before this could happen,"She said, gesturing at him when she said 'this'.Wait, she knew about the necklace and and knew this would happen if he wore it?! Guessing what he was thinking she said," My cousin Chase is the one who gave it to you.Despite that fact that it is forbidden to give it to humans,and for this exact reason."

     "Why the fook do you keep saying humans like you aren't one?! I'm the fucking dragon here!"Jack said."Because I'm not.Let me show you,"She said.His eyes widened as her saw her transform into a dragon.It took less then a minute and it appeared to not cause her any pain.Plus her clothes just disappeared instead of being ripped to shreds.He stared in shock, mouth agape.The black and magenta dragoness approached him and used her tail to shut his mouth."See?Not human.Or at least, not completely.I'll explain once we change you back.I need to see the extent of the relic's affect on you,"She said.

    Her eyes glowed and Jack felt a tingling sensation all over.Much to his surprise he started to change back into a human.It didn't take very long and was thankfully painless.His face turned bright red when he realized that he was naked in front of a complete stranger.The dragoness laughed."Go put some clothes on, I can wait to explain everything till then,"She said, changing back into human form as well.He darted to his room and quickly threw on some clothes.When he came back out he saw the girl was leaning against the wall waiting for him.

    "So uh, what exactly was that?How did you get me to change back?"He asked."I'm an alpha.All alphas in my race are able to make others change at will when needed,"She explained before walking over to him.He was startled when she grabbed his hands and flipped them over.She cursed under her breath when she saw his left wrist.He glanced at it and to his surprise saw the same rune from the necklace emblazed on his wrist in pitch black, making it resemble a tattoo."Uh what the hell is that?"He said.

     "It's the Soul Fire.It only appears on people who have blessed by the ancestor spirit of my people.It means Gaia has taken a liking to you, and that you're now a member of the Draconicans, my race,"She said."Wait, so that means the whole turning into a dragon thing wasn't temporary? I'm not human anymore?"Jack asked, completely stunned.She shook her head."Nope.*sigh* And since I'm the only draconican in Ireland right now I'm gonna have to be the one that teaches you." "Teach me what?" "Well for one, how to change back and forth on your own, how to fly, and of course breath fire or whatever element it is that you were gifted with." "I'm gonna fly?! Awesome!"Jack said, getting excited.The girl couldn't help but laugh at his eagerness."Anyway, I suppose introductions are in order.I'm Sara.No need to say who you are, I actually watch your videos,"She said."A dragon lady watches my videos?Suck that Felix!You may have fifty million subscribers but dragon people watch my videos!"He said.

    Sara shook her head in amazement.He really was a child in a twenty seven year old's body."Anyway since Gaia has taken a liking to you I suppose you can keep the necklace and the box."She said. "If you don't mind me asking, who exactly is Gaia?"Jack asked."She is the creator of my race.A long time ago my people were a small tribe of humans that worshiped dragons.Gaia loved the tribe greatly and when a terrible plague threatened to destroy my ancestors she took it upon herself to save them.She gave up her Soul Fire, the fire within that a dragon will die without, and gave it to my ancestors.They were instructed to use it to forge the pendant on your necklace and to use it to bake the clay statue that is on the box that came with the necklace.After they were made, anyone who would wear the necklace the pendant was one while in the vicinity of the statue would gain the ability to transform into a dragon.And since dragons are immune to human illnesses they were saved from the plague.As you experienced first hand,when a human turns into a dragon the transformation is painful.But after that first change you gain what is essentially dragon magic, which allows you to no longer feel pain when changing, as well as speeding up the process and keeping clothing from being destroyed.None of us know where the clothes go though,"She explained.

    "Huh.By the way, how exactly were you able to break into my house anyway?"He asked.Sara grinned."Oh I just picked the lock.With these,"She said, showing him her nails which had changed into dragon claws."Oh cool!So you can partially change too?"He said.She nodded."Yup!You wanna try? Partial changes are a lot easier for beginners,"She said.Jack nodded vigorously in response."Okay, okay!Try and visualize the body part you want and imagine the sensation of it forming.Shouldn't be too hard since your first transformation is still fresh in your mind,"She instructed.Jack nodded and closed his eyes, concentrating hard on what he wanted.In no time at all his dragon wings and tail sprouted, his shirt and pants magically gaining holes for them to slip through.

     "Wow.You're a natural Jack!Even born draconicans don't pick it up that fast on their first try.I can definitely see why Gaia chose you,"She said.Jack grinned at her complement.Now that things were calm he decided to inspect his wings and tail, moving them around to try and get a feel for them.The sensation was odd, and yet, at the same time it felt like they had always been there.Maybe this was meant to happen.Maybe this was his destiny.He ran his hand along his tail.The scales were small and surprisingly smooth.Sara smirked."You done admiring yourself yet?"She teased.Jack grinned."What?Do you like what you see?"He joked.Sara rolled her eyes."Not in your dreams potato boy,"She replied.They ended up exchanging witty banter for the next ten minutes.
Here There Be Dragons Ch. 2
Yay new chapter!In this one things are explained to Jack.

Rune on pendant and Jack's wrist:…

Sara's​ dragon form:…

Fanart:  cheetahfurthepawsome.deviantar…  ,…
The rune on the necklace Jack got in HTBD
This is the rune that was on the back of the pendant on that necklace Jack got in Here There Be Dragons.It is a symbol of what is known as the Soul Fire.Will be explain what that is later.The rune will be showing up on Jack's left wrist in the next chapter and this is showing where it is exactly.It will be inside that black circle.
So since several of you expressed interest I will be holding an art contest!There will be two categories: Stories and Drawings.The drawings category encompasses digital art, traditional art and photo edits.There will be one winner for each category, though if a bunch of people enter the winners per category will be upped to two.Any and all people can enter.Onto the rules.


Art and stories submitted must feature at least one of my characters.This includes the alternate versions​ of Jack and Mark (( Anti too of course )) that I have made.It can be someone I drew or wrote about.Please note that some of my characters have only been mentioned in Journals so be sure to check them out.

I will not be accepting art of the Substale and You Can't Save Him stories since they are art trades and involve characters that do not belong to me (( your welcome to do them though, they just won't be counted in the contest ))

You must tag me in the submission so I can find it easily

Please say that the art is for the contest somewhere in the post. The phrase Fox's Art Contest should be used

Multiple submissions are allowed

So that people have plenty of time this contest will end on May 10th at 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time, which is approximately when I go to bed at night.The winners will be announced on the 11th by 10pm at the latest.The winners will have one of their characters cameo in a story of their choosing or in a oneshot featuring one of my characters if you wish.And I will admit that I hope to see art of Jack, Sara and Kyuubi (( not necessarily in the same submission )) the most.So anyway hope you like the contest and have fun!


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I am currently 21.Yay old enough for alcohol! Lol

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